Type Directors Club 59th Exhibition (2014)



See Communication Design, Typography, and Type Design at their best.

Graphic design by the best.
Sagmeister. Pesce. Bierut. Vit. DeLago. Cardinal.
Stout. Huml. Bologna. de Vicq de Cumptich. Jessica Hisch.

Design for agencies, for the best.
Leo Burnett. Pentagram. Zeichen & Wunder [zaiken and vunder].
Atelier Poisson. Stereotype. UnderConsideration.
Mucca Design. Bloomberg. Facebook. Design Army.

From countries around the world.
Japan. Germany. Switzerland. Austria. Australia. Korea. India. France. England. Norway. New Zealand. Spain.

And more. And more and more.
Books. Posters. Installations. Logos. Identities. Zines. Packaging.
Graphic design and typography at their peak.
??Typography and type design at their best.

Type Directors Club 59th annual exhibition
Opening 5:30 Wednesday 10 September at the Schelfhaudt Gallery [shelf howt]
Arnold Bernhard Center
84 Iranistan (parking is off of University or Ingelside)
University of Bridgeport Campus
Bridgeport Connecticut.
Opening 5:30 Wednesday 10 September for the best graphic design show in the northeast.
RSVP  sasd@bridgeport.edu