BOB POE (2012)


Coverpart_v2.inddBob Poe is a photographer interested in the potential of the iPhone as an artistic medium. He has had a successful career in broadcast marketing and advertising, and is also known for his high-profile political involvement.


Poe spent over 20 years in the broadcast industry, developing pioneering media initiatives for a variety of clients. He was the Director of Broadcasting for the Orlando Magic, and cultivated a strong fan base for the team when it was founded in 1989. Most notably, he was General Manager of WMMO, a breakthrough radio station in Florida that provided quality, uninterrupted music programming for adult listeners. His efforts earned him the prestigious Radio Wayne Award for General Manager of the Year and earned WMMO the Radio Station of the Year award from Billboard.


Poe is also an active member of the Democratic Party and in 2000 was Chairman of the Democratic Party of Florida during the Bush v. Gore election controversy. During this time, he worked to address and settle the disputes that occurred throughout the legal debate. His involvement propelled him to the national spotlight, where he made several broadcast appearances, including Good Morning America.


Due to his background in creative fields and his drive to discover and imaginatively use innovative products, Poe began experimenting with iPhone photography. His spontaneous and thought-provoking photographs sparked interest from collectors, and in 2009 he leased gallery space at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica in order to professionally exhibit his work.


Bob Poe currently lives in Los Angeles, California.